Bali Hotel Associations Participates in Bali’s Biggest Clean-up Campaign

 Bali Hotel Associations Participates in Bali’s Biggest Clean-up Campaign

Bali Hotel Association (BHA) has proudly announced its support and participation in the biggest clean-up on the island of Bali to date. Held annually since 2017, Bali’s Biggest Clean Up is organized by Bali based network, One Island One Voice (Satu Pulau Satu Suara).

The next clean up will be held on 20th February, 2022, marking the 6th annual Clean Up and will involve more than 12,500 people comprising team members from hospitality companies and non-governmental organizations at 123 locations throughout Bali.

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Bali’s Biggest Clean Up aims to clean the island’s common waste products including plastic, glass and metal waste, fishing nets and cigarettes buds. Since the ban on plastic bags, plastic straws and single-use styrofoam in 2020, it is reported that the amount of plastic bags has decreased by 40% (from 15% in 2019 to 9% in 2020).

The most common items are plastic food wrappers (20%), cigarette buds (17%), plastic bottles and cups (16%). The clean up brings together over 65,000 people in 430 locations in Bali and prevented 155 tons of plastic from entering our oceans over the past six years.

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As key players with a strong influence on the tourism industry, each BHA member strives to deliver the best experiences for guests and their community. Each member plays a huge role in protecting the environment and has committed to reduce the single-used plastics in their properties,  single-used plastic straws have been replaced with paper straws upon request, while plastic water bottles have been replaced with glass bottles in guest rooms.

BHA members also practice green efforts in their day-to-day operations, such as minimizing paper and other plastic usage, energy saving and responsible waste management to ensure waste treatment and disposal are not unnecessarily polluting the atmosphere, soil or water system. By joining the cleanup, employees are educated on the importance of preserving the environment and reminded that their contribution really makes a difference.